The free downloadable demonstration version of Girl is functionally the same, but certain operations are limited. You can open a maximum of 3 modules, you can record for only 10 seconds, outputs other than the Sound Manager can be used for only 10 minutes, and, finally the application can be used for only 1 hour.

Additionally, there is a file called "Example Presets" that can help give you an easy introduction to the variety of processings available with Girl. Once you have opened the application, load some sounds in the modules. Then, click on the "load" button in the Effects Preset panel of a module. Go ahead and select from the first 11 indexes to get an idea of some ways to use the effects to process sounds. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD GirlDemo 2.0 for OS 8.5+ or beta11 demo for OSX
[requires Stuffit to expand.]
System Requirements: Mac OS 8.5 or greater or 10.2+, min 65mb free memory, OMS 2.3.8 (OS9 only), Quicktime 5+.

PURCHASE the full version of Girl.
Go to the Girl homepage.

GIRL is no longer an actively developed product...this site is here for historical purposes...please visit http://www.yowstar.com for current products!!